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Illinois Junior Hereford Association Officers and Directors

President:   Tamar Adcock   217-820-0964 tamar@adcockshowcattle.com

1st VP:  Elise Hackett (217) 621-6864 elise.hackett@yahoo.com

Secretary: Taryn Adcock 217-820-8294 trose@adcockshowcattle.com

2 nd Secretary: Miranda Edenburn (217) 649-0008 mjedenburn@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Bailey Edenburn (217) 714-4955 becowgirl21@aol.com

Directors:   Dean Adcock, Del Adcock, Jared Aden, Mariah Behrends, Noah Benedict, Kagney Collins,

Korbin Collins, Lauren McMillan


Buddy & Lisa Edenburn (217) 569-2217 jime@clark-dietz.com

Mark Stephens 217-825-7913 mark_stephens46@yahoo.com

Gene & Vicki Miller (815) 739-8806 gvmiller5@signalblast.com

Dave & Marcia Hackett (217) 202-5676 dave.hackett@cell1net.net


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