Award Winners

The Illinois Polled Hereford Association gives three awards each year at the annual banquet held during the Illinois Beef Expo.

The awards, description and past recipients are listed below.

BREEDER OF THE YEAR AWARD – given to an IPHA member that excels in the following areas: promoting both their program and the Hereford breed on the state/national level, supporting State Association sponsored events (sales, tours, etc), supports the state’s youth program, and is respected by other members for their accomplishments.

1972 Lloyd Stone
1973 R.H. Ellis
1974 Floyd McCaskill
1975 Tjardes Farms
1976 W.B. Williams
1977 Glenview Farms
1978 Larry Peters / Phil Teare
1979 Don Van Gilder
1980 J.R. Pickard
1981 Jack Cessna
1982 Yordy Farms
1983 Larry and Cinda Peters
1984 Glenn Brown
1985 Howard Reichmann
1986 Glenn Knott
1987 Ivan Rincker
1988 Lorenzen Farms
1989 Bambi Farms
1990 Donnie Golden
1991 James Cravens
1992 Dean Harfst
1993 Ellis Farms
1994 Scott Torrance
1995 Rick McKown
1996 Dean Harfst
1997 Jamie Horrie
1998 Jayson Entwistle
1999 Torrance Polled Herefords
2000 Swigart Herefords
2001 Galen Kreig
2002 Swigart Herefords
2003 Purple Reign Cattle Co.
2004 Benedict Herefords
2005 Behrends Farms
2006 Hawk Herefords
2007 Purple Reign Cattle Co.
2008 Bickelhaupt Herefords

HALL OF FAME – given to a long standing IPHA member that meets the following criteria: has been actively involved in the state association (board, sales, tours, etc), shown leadership to peers and youth alike, outspoken about the Hereford breed, and in general is looked upon as an elite, progressive operation.

1989 Cliff Cammon
1990 W.B. Williams
1991 Floyd McCaskill
1992 Clyde Fauth
1993 Harold Knott
1994 Raymond Moffit
1995 Paul Hartwig
1996 Wayne Behrends
1997 Loren Heape
1998 Riddell Polled Herefords
1999 Kenneth Bardelmeier
2000 Tjardes Farms
2001 Phil & Joyce Ellis
2002 Ray Harbison
2003 Sherwood Burns
2004 Arlyn Rabideau
2005 Don Morgan
2006 Oak Hill Farm
2007 Harfst Herefords
2008 Lowderman Cattle Company

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE – given to individuals / families in honor of their special contributions to the Association and the Hereford breed outside of the above two awards. It is only bestowed upon individuals based on yearly evaluations – not an annual award.

2005 Jack Lowderman Family
2005 John Meents
2007 Jay Bonhsack
2007 Jane Adolph
2008 Kyle McMillan

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